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Statement of Academic Purpose

Curriculum Vitae - Cole Reyes (as of January 2023)

Drive Folder with All Scores and Recordings

Woven Linens and Tattered Wool (for String Quartet)  |  SCORE  |  RECORDING

           Performed by Del Sol Quartet

a world for each moment (alto saxophone, e. guitar, piano, percussion, fixed media)  |  SCORE  |  RECORDING

           Performed by Hypercube

Shadowstains (flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion)  |  SCORE  |  RECORDING

           *****Excerpt: begin at Movement II., 5:19, page 21

           Performed by BlackBox Ensemble

Just in case you wanted more! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

PRESSION (for Orchestra)  |  SCORE  |  RECORDING

           *****Excerpt: begin at measure 147, 5:01 

           Performed by New York University Orchestra

Circular Reasoning (for String Quartet)  |  SCORE  |  RECORDING

           Performed by Bergamot Quartet

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